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From Broken to Bravery...

The word "bluma" means flower or to bloom in Hebrew. An "affirmation" is something declared to be true or a positive statement. The purpose of Bluma Affirmations Co. is simple: to help women and girls bloom into the greatest version of themselves through self-love and positive affirmations.

The original Affirmation Line was created to help women and girls consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from their lives or help create something new in their lives. I just love affirmations! There are the beginning point on the path to change. Affirmations open the door to self-love, self-approval, and self-acceptance. They are the pathway to a high level of self-worth, which is needed to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. Let our inspirational jewelry serves as little reminders and declarations to the world that you are willing to change, you are enough, you love and accept yourself just the way you are, and you believe in yourself and your dreams.

Whether affirmations, inspirational quotes, bible scriptures, or personalized jewelry; I strive to help you bring your ideas to life and create one of kind pieces and gifts that will have special meanings for both you and/or your recipients. All items are made to order, from quality material, with care, craftsmanship, and love.

It is true that if you seek, you will find; if you knock, doors will be opened for you. If you are open to follow your dreams and are willing to try, life will unfold for you. What originally started as a simply desire to inspire women and girls, bloomed right before my eyes and quickly snow balled into a full blown business. What is true for me is true for you. Believe in yourself. Have faith. Be bold. Follow your arrow and see where it takes you.

With love,

Founder and CEO of Bluma Affirmations Co.